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SuperBooks is celebrating 40 years by offering Kit 1 for $175

In SuperBooks Kit 1 (Teachers Edition) there are 200 books (5 copies of 40 stories), a Teacher's Guide, 40 three page lesson plans and 40 reproducible take home stories. 5 copies of each book provide for small group instruction.

SuperBooks Kit 1

SuperBooks Kit 2

SuperBooks Kit 2

Because children progress in reading at different rates, SuperBooks are not strictly grade-leveled. SuperBooks Kit 2 (Teachers Edition) continues introducing new skills and reviewing skills introduced in Kit 1.


Super Story Pac 1 & 2

Super Story Pac 1 contains 40 Phonics readers that teach sequential skills in story context. Perfect for home and school. Super Story Pac 2 reviews skills learned in SSP 1 and adds new skills in the same exciting, easy to read story format. (40 additional stories)


Sample Stories

SuperBooks are Sequential Phonics Readers. SuperBooks are Colorful 8 & 16 page stories paced for success.


Meet the Author

JoAnne Nelson, author of SuperBooks, has a Master’s Degree in the Teaching of Reading from the University of Wisconsin and a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Washington State University.



“ I love SuperBooks. I just finished teaching at a school that uses all of the SuperBooks and it was incredible to see the children progress. SuperBooks are so good. I love the systematic approach. ”

Ann Murphy, Teacher - Atlanta, GA

“Thank you for supplying me with a quality reading resource. The SuperBooks program offers me with a sequential phonics resource. ..Students are able to work at their own instructional level.”

Maureen Musgrove, Reading Specialist - Wisconsin