Using SuperBooks for phonics instruction makes teaching kids to read words easy and fun

“It is with immense pleasure and pride that I extend my warmest congratulations to you on being honored with the award for the Best Homeschool Curriculum, Products & Resources of 2024-25 by This recognition is a testament to your exceptional dedication and innovative approach in the field of homeschooling education.” 

Teaching Reading is Easy with

At SuperBooks Company, we have been successfully teaching children to read with phonics for over 40 years!

We know how to pace our stories, and introduction of skills, so early readers achieve success.

From the very first book, children are developing phonemic awareness and recognition of letter sounds.

  • Superbooks decodable readers promote fluency and reading comprehension.
  • Lists of CVC words and sight words are included on the inside back cover of every book!

SuperBooks, are based on the Science of Reading. The Teacher’s Manual provides a complete curriculum with 3 lesson plans for every story. The vocabulary in each of the 40 stories in Kit 1 is 95% decodable. The detailed lesson plans provide reading strategies for:

  • independent reading
  • guided reading and reading comprehension
  • directed reading and introduction of phonics and other language skills

*directions are included for blending words.


SuperBooks Kit 1

SuperBooks Kit 1

SuperBooks Phonics Readers for
Kindergarten and First Grade


  • 200 books (5 copies of 40 titles )
  • Teachers guide with 3 lesson plans per book
  • 40 reproducible fold-up stories
SuperBooks Kit 2

SuperBooks Kit 2

SuperBooks Phonics Readers for
First Grade through Third Grade


  • 200 books (5 copies of 40 titles )
  • Teachers guide with 3 lesson plans per book
  • 40 reproducible fold-up stories

 “SuperBooks have content, delightful characters,

are colorful, fun, & easy to read.”

SuperBooks provide a Primary Library of decodable books for Kindergarten — Grade 3. Kit 1 & 2 offer 80 different titles about familiar life events, adventure, fantasy and humor.

SuperBooks Story Packs contain 1 copy of the same titles in the SuperBooks Kits.  Story topics promote math and science concepts, environmental concerns, childhood adventure, and human relationships.

Spread of books

Check SuperBooks Scope & Sequence Chart for List of Skills Including;

  • letter recognition
  • letter sounds
  • phonemic awareness
  • phonics
  • decodable words
  • word patterns/rhyme
  • sight words
  • reading comprehension

 SUPERBOOKS:   Inspired by students, Created by a teacher.

Reading Program Superbooks Kit

SuperBooks are motivating and develop the desire to read.

Kindergarten kids just love to learn to read with SuperBooks decodable books.

Kids apply reading comprehension skills and phonics as they read delightful stories from SuperBooks.

SuperBooks capture students’ attention as they use their knowledge of letter sounds to learn to read.