A Complete Reading Program With SuperBooks Kits

What does an educator get with the purchase of a SuperBooks Kit? Since reading is an essential tool when it comes to education, how does one prep a student for success in this field?

I developed SuperBooks over severals years in a primary classroom setting. The program is supported by years of hands-on research and educating. Here at SuperBooks, we know that reading is important. Therefore, we’ve created a product to easily teach students how to be great readers. 

A Reading Guide for Teachers

The SuperBooks Program is about gradually and sequentially building up strong readers. Our kits use a phonics-based vocabulary to emphasize word patterns (rhyming words) combined with context and picture clues. Not only are you being guided with lesson plans and colorful storybooks, but you’re getting an easy way to teach children. Included are guided reading instructions and tools for independent reading. There are also sample questions to test comprehension. With this kit also comes enough copies to satisfy your classroom setting.

SuperBooks Kits for Homeschoolers

An educator is a broad term. So in this case, it can also mean a parent or guardian or homeschooler. We’ve got a kit for you, too! This kit comes with a colorful story pack with 40 exciting books for your child to read. It provides a total curriculum for early readers that are ages four to eight. Like the teacher’s kit, you’ll also be getting lesson plans to make instruction easier.