Additional Strategies To Help Your Child Learn To Read

When you start programs to help kids learn to read, there’s more than one strategy that must be employed. Certain things can be done at home to significantly increase the chances of a child developing the skill set needed for reading. Below, you’ll find some tips that will help your child learn to read.

Read Aloud

Reading with your kids is the first step to get children interested and engaged in reading. As you read a book with them, run your finger along beneath the words. This action helps your child to associate words they see on a page with sounds. The child will see how the print creates a story.

Use Pictures

Every children’s book is equipped with pictures. These help your child’s imagination develop. The children can also see how a story develops through illustration. You can ask your child to name what they see in the pictures to better associate words and pictures.

Use Repetitive Phrases To Help Children Learn

You can ask your child to join in whenever easily recognizable words and phrases become repetitive in the story. This idea is one of the core principles behind Super Books. Children build confidence in recognition and develop skills in reading. Practice makes perfect, and a child building trust in one’s skills is a major step in helping them to read. Help them to learn sounds and word association through repetition. Whether you’re a parent or an educator, Super Books can be a great tool in helping children get a head start in building their reading skills.