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Phonics refers to a system of teaching reading where the student is taught the relationship between letters or groups of letters and their pronunciation.

To become fluent in reading requires understanding these basic fearures of the English Language–that is–  how to translate letters and letter patterns into spoken language using phonics, syllabication and word parts.


Beginning reading programs such as SuperBooks use a phonics based vocabulary –children recognize the letters and sounds in words & word parts and can “sound out” the words.  Word patterns (rhyming words) are combined with “context clues” (using the meaning of the sentence) and picture clues resulting in a very effective way for children to learn to read.

Fluency and Comprehension  The most critical factor in fluent word reading is the ability to recognize letters, spelling patterns and whole words automatically.  Comprehension depends on this ability.


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What Are SuperBooks?

Children want to feel successful as they learn to read.  That is why SuperBooks are 8 pages long; & are colorful and fun to read.  SuperBooks are simple–in the good sense of simple.  The program is easy to use–is motivating–the children want to read the next book as soon as they finish the first one.  The program is systematic and sequential.  It’s easy for teachers to use and just as easy for parents, grandparents and para professionals.  Because of the phonics based vocabulary, SuperBooks provide easy access to the English Language for non-English speakers and Special Education Students.

-JoAnne Nelson


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