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Paper Over Plastic: Even Steve Jobs Didn’t Allow Screen Time

When you look over our products, you might be thinking, “Where’s the app I can download?” or, “How do I make this book digital?” You can’t. But, there’s a good reason for that. For over 40 years we have built

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The Benefits of Bilingual Students Using Phonics

SuperBooks is successful because research in phonics has been prevalent throughout the years. Students being homeschooled or taught in a traditional classroom can benefit from our books. Most importantly, they go beyond the traditional English speaker as well. SuperBooks also

Phonics Reading Programs Most Effective for New Readers, Studies Show

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For years, an intense debate has brewed over which method is best in teaching children to read. Sounding out words with phonics or learning word meanings by the whole. However, some scientific studies have taken a stance on one side

Why the SuperBooks Program Is Useful For Home Schoolers

If you homeschool your kids, you want the best chance for them to excel in all areas of academic achievement. One thing that is essential in learning any subject is the ability to read. Teaching kids phonics is one surefire


Phonics refers to a system of teaching reading where the student is taught the relationship between letters or groups of letters and their pronunciation. To become fluent in reading requires understanding these basic fearures of the English Language–that is–  how