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Back to School: Prepare Students with Phonics

Even with the most meticulous summer routines, it’s inevitable that reading patterns can shift during the summer. As August grows closer and we prepare for the coming back-to-school time, setting your children or students up for growing success is important.

Keep Your Child Reading During Summer Vacation

Learning and growing in a new skill – like a musical instrument, a hobby, or a sport – takes time and daily dedication. If one were to take a three-month hiatus from learning, their advancement would take a serious hit.

Homeschooling With a Career

A common misconception of homeschooling is that the decision to take control of your child’s education must come with career sacrifice. While home childcare and education is a full-time job for some parents, that certainly doesn’t have to be the

Learning to Read with Rhymes

Have you ever rhymed a line from time to time? For decades, children’s books have been known to tell stories using rhymes as a way to make learning to read, easy and efficient. There are many important aspects that need

Additional Strategies To Help Your Child Learn To Read

When you start programs to help kids learn to read, there’s more than one strategy that must be employed. Certain things can be done at home to significantly increase the chances of a child developing the skill set needed for