Essential Reading Foundation: Starting Kids off with Phonics

As a parent, you want your child to succeed.. When it comes to their advancement in school, reading is a big part of the equation. And, with many studies performed across the world, it has been proven that phonics is an essential reading foundation. In a new article this year, ABC News Australia reported that phonics is the key foundation for young children learning to read.

Phonics and comprehension go hand in hand

In this silly reading debate, many have argued a “whole language” approach when it comes to reading. But, phonics is the essential reading foundation that children need. They need to be able to sound out words and letters. Having an understanding of the sounds leads to the next step: comprehension.  A study by a team of Australian and UK academics found that the combination of the two works best.


Starting with phonics

If we were building a house, phonics would be the foundation on which the house is built. Without it, the house is flawed and faulty, leading to more problems years down the road. With our Superbooks, your child is able to learn these sounds and become a great reader. First, is phonics. Then, we are able to build into comprehension.
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