Home School Bundle Offers Total Curriculum for Early Readers

By no means is teaching a child how to read an innately easy thing to do. You can read a first-hand account from our previous blog here. Traditional educators themselves have years of experience behind them. Even so, the task is not easy. When you’re homeschooling, you’re usually taking on this task with your own child. It’s a task that is better with guidance and, of course, patience. The Home School Bundle from SuperBooks offers this guidance. For any early reader, aged four to eight, they will have books and material that will turn them into successful readers.

Total Reading Curriculum with Home School Bundle

SuperBooks is the original “little books” program that is phonics-based and provides a clear curriculum for beginning readers. This bundle contains fun, colorful, leveled books that your child will learn how to decode. With 80 books in two sets, it’s a lot of hands-on decodable reading that is available to your child. When a child is able to trace words, apply comprehension, and learn sounds, they are being set up to read successfully. As a homeschooler using SuperBooks, you’ll notice how much easier it is to sit down with your child and get them excited to read. This learning journey will be a rewarding experience for everyone involved. When you use SuperBooks as a homeschooler, you’ll teach reading in a less frustrating setting. Give your child the biggest gift they can receive — the gift of reading.