Learning Phonics with Paperback Books is How We’re Sticking in Your Kid’s Brain

We mentioned that Steve Jobs didn’t let his own offspring (when they were children) use his iPad. It’s fundamental to a child’s brain to be interactive through their entire body when learning. Hence, it’s better for them to have a physical book when learning phonics. That is how SuperBooks is able to make a bigger impact on your child’s learning development.

Phonics is Easy

This is a way to say that teaching your child to read with phonics is an easier and more effective way for your child to learn. Each of our kits includes 40 titles (80 total between the two) and packed full of colorful stories paced just right for your little reader. Since our words are paired with illustrations, your reader can have a visual to help them recall sounds and words. Plus, keeping things on paper allows them to write on the books. For some, tracing letters or writing out words is a helpful and effective way of becoming a successful reader.

Great for ESL or Dyslexic Students

Our SuperBooks kits are designed for homeschoolers and in-classroom teachers. They allow for students learning English as a second language to get a better grasp of sounds, rules, and sentence structures. The same applies to dyslexic students, who need to trace or follow the words with their fingers to slowly read through and regain context.

Order your books online and get your little one reading in no time!

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