Learning to Read with Rhymes

Have you ever rhymed a line from time to time? For decades, children’s books have been known to tell stories using rhymes as a way to make learning to read, easy and efficient. There are many important aspects that need to be taken into consideration when children learn how to read. Alongside using context and picture clues, books that rhyme is a basic component of reading that all parents/teachers should use.
When rhyming, kids can sound out words such as man, can, fan. This strategy in word patterns contains phonics elements, which is a great way for early readers to succeed.  Phonics refers to a system of teaching reading that teaches the correspondence between letters and groups of letters and their pronunciation.
The SuperBooks program is a unique, integrated reading program that incorporates phonics, spelling, and comprehension. SuperBooks phonics-based program builds phonetic awareness in children and teaches phonics in the most fun way possible, through stories! Our programs contain colorful 8 & 16-page stories paced for success. Check out the exciting and rhyming books from our kits that include 40 titles!



Children want to feel successful as they learn to read. This is why SuperBooks is 8 pages long, and are colorful and fun to read. SuperBooks are simple, educational and best of all, fun!

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