Super Story Pack Set 40 Stories From Kit 2


Super Story Pack 2 contains 40 advanced phonics readers with 8 and 16 pages in each book. Featuring a neutral color palette and bright illustrations, Story Pack 2 is recommended for First – Third Grade reading levels.

Story topics promote math and science concepts, environmental concerns, childhood adventures, and human relationships. Diversity is reflected in the variety of family structures, ethnic backgrounds,  and ages of characters.

Many of the stories present real problems for solution and humor is found throughout the program.  Various literary themes are presented: for example the “ugly duckling” in “The Giraffe who Joined the Circus.”



I can’t begin to tell you how exciting it was to procure these boxes of brand new SuperBooks. We feel so fortunate that we were able to meet you and make the connection. These are the best books for teaching children to read.
Leesa Hannah, Virginia Beach, VA.

Each Super Story Pac includes one copy of 40 titles.


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