Make-A-Book Activities for Kit 1


Each Make-A-Book is a condensed version of a coordinating SuperBook story with 4 frames ( or pages) on one sheet.  This provides extra reading practice and an opportunity for each child to make and color their very own book.  Teachers often use the Make-A-Book as a group reading activity preceding the reading of the longer 8-page SuperBooks story.


The SuperBooks program offers a sequential phonics resource. SuperBooks Kits move students through the program in small steps. Vocabulary and phonics are controlled which results in creating confident beginning readers. Parents enjoy listening to their children read SuperBooks every night see how they are progressing in reading.
-Maureen Musgrove, Wisconsin
Reading Specialist

Make-A-Book Activities accompany each SuperBook and provide a unique 4-page version of the story for additional reading practice. Recommended for ages 4-6; kindergarten and first grade.

Directions:  Fold the sheet lengthwise along the dotted line with the printed surface on the outside.  (Some teachers say “the hotdog way’-long way)Fold again the short way or “hamburger way”with frame 3 & 2  on the inside and frame 1 is facing the child.


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