Make-A-Book Activities for Kit 2


Make-A-Books can be used with an  individual child, small group or entire class. They can be used as a directed reading activity or as a follow up to reinforce the skills presented in the SuperBooks story.  Plus children love to make and color their own little book!

Each Make-A-Book is a condensed version of the 8 page SuperBook with 4 frames (or pages)  on one sheet.

In SuperBooks 2 there are 10 books that are 16 pages long.Each of the Make-A-Books 31-40 have a 4 frames that present an activity or game.


Make-a-Book activities accompany each SuperBook and provide a unique 4-page version of the story, which can be folded and made into a little book.

Each pack includes 40 foldable sheets.


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