Teachers Manual for Kit 1


Because SuperBooks are intended to meet the needs of many different children in many situations, three lesson plan options are provided to for each story.

Plan 1 — independent reading for enjoyment.

Plan 2 — promotes comprehension of high interest stories such as those in SuperBooks.

Plan 3 — provides a detailed step by step plan for introducing skills, directing the reading. and applying phonics and spelling skills.

Skills include: short vowels, consonants, word endings, long vowels, a, e, i, o, and multi-syllable words. A list of words for spelling review are found in the inside back cover of each book.



I love SuperBooks! I just finished teaching at a school that uses all of the SuperBooks. It was incredible to see the children progress. SuperBooks are so good. I love the systematic approach.
-Ann Murphy, Atlanta, Georgia

Each Teacher’s Guide has a three-page lesson plan for each story that includes reading for meaning, vocabulary, guided reading, and applications of phonics and spelling skills.

Scope and Sequence Chart Kit 1 (List of Book Titles and Learning Objectives)


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