Teachers Manual for Kit 2


The comprehensive Teachers Guide for Kit 2 contains a scope and sequence chart of skills and forty 3-part lesson plans that promote: enjoyment of reading, comprehension, and directed reading with the application of skills and guided reading.

Lesson plan 3 is divided into 3 sections:  Building phonics and linguistic skills, Introducing the story, and Guiding the Reading.

10 of the books have a bonus 4th lesson plan that relates the theme of the Super book to a quality piece of children’s literature.

The Teachers guide also provides at least 3 fun follow-up activities.



I am a veteran teacher of 27 years. I remember SuperBooks from when I was a student in school. We are in a situation where we have many struggling 3rd grade readers that need intervention. The SuperBooks curriculum is a great way to bring differentiated instruction into the reading program.
-Shawn Grubb, Montesano, WA.

Each Teacher’s Guide has a three-page lesson plan for each story that includes reading for meaning, vocabulary, guided reading, and applications of phonics and spelling skills.

Scope and Sequence Chart Kit 2 (List of Book Titles and Learning Objectives)


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