Stressed Children at Grade Level Due to Assigned Excess Homework

Your child’s health is a top priority. You spend our moments constantly taking care of them, teaching them right from wrong, guiding them through life’s obstacles, and making sure they are at their healthiest. Having stressed children is never in the cards. However, the levels of stress are increasing in young students. School districts are assigning more and more homework to students at low-grade levels (K-6). Many academic institutions have taken a look at how this amount affects students—and their parents.

Stressed Children, Stressed Parents

When it comes to the discussion of homework given to students, the arguments are endless. World-recognized development academic, Dr. Michael Nagel, says there is no scientific benefit to giving students homework. He added, “There is a lot of evidence it stressed kids and it stresses parents.” When you have a student that’s finding it difficult to read, it adds to the pressure and amount of time it takes to complete work. They are not in a head-space that fuels and welcomes learning. So, if your student has a harder time reading, this a major set back.

Teaching our children is such a powerful thing that must not be taken lightly. With research unable to prove the benefits of homework, it still prompts the question of whether or not to assign homework.

For now, it’s best to give your students the best tools when it comes down to fundamentals. And, with anything school related, reading is fundamental. Allow your young children to flourish when they learn to read phonetically with SuperBooks. 

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