I am so looking forward to getting the SuperBooks Kits. I used them in my previous school and loved them…I was elated to find the web site and learn that I could order SuperBooks for my new school. They are fabulous! I’ve told all my colleagues about them.
-Lisa Morenko, Houston, TX

SuperBooks for Schools

SuperBooks Phonics Readers provide a 95% decodable vocabulary to develop successful readers.

Phonics skills are introduced gradually and sequentially to make it easy for children to learn to read.

Word patterns and context clues are used to strengthen fluency and develop comprehension.

**  Check our Scope and Sequence chart with Book titles and list of Skills 

Each book in the SuperBooks Program is a complete story and provides practice in applying skills.

Children love the 8 page format with words for reading and spelling on the inside back cover of each book.


As a complete program for beginning readers
For instruction in phonics, spelling and phonemic awareness
For intervention with at risk students
For guided reading and sequential skills instruction

How The SuperBooks Program Works In the Classroom

Kindergarten & First Grade

In SuperBooks Kit 1 there are 200 books (5 copies of 40 different titles) to provide for small group instruction. (Refer to Scope and Sequence Chart Kit 1)

SuperBooks Teacher’s Manual

Includes 3 Lesson Plans for Each Story

For Skills Instruction and Directed Reading**

For Comprehension with Sample Questions

For Independent Reading and Enjoyment

**The directed reading lesson plan provides teachers with specific directions for teaching phonics skills and word patterns; plus how to introduce the story and how to guide the reading.

First Grade Through Third Grade

SuperBooks Kit 2 continues introducing new skills and reviewing skills introduced in Kit 1. Kit 2 contains 200 books (5 copies of 40 different titles). Refer to Scope and Sequence Chart for Kit 2.

SuperBooks Teacher’s Manual

for Kit 2 also contains 3 lesson plans.

Make-A-Book Activities

Accompany each SuperBook and provide a 4-page version of the 8-page Super book on one sheet which can be folded and made into a little book.

*An important feature of each Super book is the Word List in the inside back cover which can be used as a review of vocabulary and also as a spelling list.