The SuperBooks Program uses a phonics-based vocabulary emphasizing word patterns (rhyming words) combined with context and pictures clues to develop successful readers. Comprehension is emphasized from the beginning. SuperBooks are colorful and easy to teach; Phonics skills are introduced gradually and sequentially. Children love the 8-page format with review words for spelling in the inside back cover of each book.

Use Super Books:

as a complete program for beginning readers
for instruction in phonics, spelling, and phonemic awareness
for intervention with at-risk students
or guided reading and sequential skills instruction
for Title 1, ESL, & Special Education

& First Grade

How superbooks works in the classroom

In SuperBooks Kit 1 there are 200 books (5 copies of 40 stories). 5 copies of each book provide for small group instruction.

Kit 1 Book 1 An Apple – letter/sounds: a,n,r,d

SuperBooks Teacher’s Manual

3 Lesson Plan for Each Story
For independent Reading
For Comprehension with Sample Questions
For Guided Reading & Skills Instruction

The directed reading lesson provides teachers with specific directions for teaching phonics skills, word patterns, how to introduce the story and how to guide the reading.

First Grade
Through Third Grade

SuperBooks Kit 2 continues introducing new skills and reviewing skills introduced in Kit 1.
(Refer to Scope and Sequence Chart Kit 2 for lists of skills.)

Kit 2, Book 1 “Up and Down” — letter/ sounds w, ow, wa, aw;
review of short vowels and consonants and ar, er, ed

SuperBooks Teacher’s Manual

for Kit 2 also contains 3 lesson plans.

Take-Home Stories

Accompany each SuperBook and provide a 4-page version of the 8-page Super book on one sheet which can be folded and made into a little book.

*An important feature of each Super book is the Word List in the inside back cover which can be used as a review of vocabulary and also as a spelling list.