“I’ve been a primary educator for over 20 years.  I’ve seen reading instruction trends come and go. I know what works and what just looks good,  I consider Superbooks, written by JoAnne Nelson, to be the Gold Standard in phonetic readers.  They are well designed and engaging to young readers. They compliment any existing reading system you may be using.  My kids look forward to each story, and they love making their own take-home books.  Thank you for creating an invaluable tool that helps teachers teach the nuances of the English language.

(This is how she handled teaching reading during covid).
Erin Reaves  1st Grade teacher 9/25/2020

“I have found Super Books to be the most useful of all phonics readers I have ever used in my 46 years of teaching,  I have a master’s degree in education in reading, I have used Super Books with a wide range of elementary children–in English only, bilingual English/Spanish, and in multilingual SOL settings. Super Books are excellent for developing reading fluency because they are so finely sequenced, for helping kids develop confidence in handling polysyllabic English words and for comprehension.  Today’s kids enjoy the stories as much as their parents did. They are excited to read because they are successfully making sense of print. Now that I am retired, I am buying both sets 1 and 2 for use in tutoring.”

Jean Stohlman, Oregon

“I have been teaching Kindergarten for the past 8 years and have been very involved in using SuperBooks in the classroom. SuperBooks give children the opportunity to practice their phonics skills and apply what they have learned. The program builds in a review and allows children to be successful. Children and parents love the Take-Home Stories. Two/thirds of my Kindergarten class came to school not knowing letter/sounds and now, in January, they are reading SuperBooks.”

Debbie Alseth,
Kindergarten Teacher, Edmonds WA

“Thank you for supplying me with a quality reading resource. The SuperBooks program offers me a sequential phonics resource. ..Students are able to work at their own instructional level. The SuperBooks Kits move students through the program in small steps. Vocabulary and phonics are controlled which results in creating confident beginning readers. Struggling readers find themselves enjoying reading and making gains… as they see their own progress. With SuperBooks, I see a smooth transition to trade books. Parents ..enjoy listening to their children read SuperBooks..every night see how they are progressing in reading. I am happy to share my success using SuperBooks with colleagues. If I can be of any assistance in the future, don’t hesitate to contact me.”

Maureen Musgrove,
Reading Specialist – Wisconsin

“Colorful and fun, SuperBooks combine the best of all worlds: an opportunity for guided reading with a sequential phonics program. As a consultant to many school districts across the United States, I’ve recommended SuperBooks to teachers of beginning reading. As a grandparent, I’ve watched my grandchildren choose SuperBooks over the 100’s of other children’s’ books I have.”

Carol Cummings,
Ph.D. Edmonds, WA