The Benefits of Bilingual Students Using Phonics

The SuperBooks program is successful because research in phonics has been prevalent throughout the years. Students being homeschooled or taught in a traditional classroom can benefit from our books. Most importantly, they go beyond the traditional English speaker as well. SuperBooks also benefits bilingual students using phonics to help break down and understand words. For any beginner or struggling student, these are essential tools.

Bilingual Students Using Phonics: A Successful Reader

As we’ve stated before, SuperBooks are colorful and easy to teach. Therefore, with phonics-based vocabulary, bilingual students can easily grasp words. Reading proficiency increases with the use of pictures, colors and a breakdown of the words with phonics. Students learn at a steady pace with our expertly-written books. If your bilingual student is already fluent in their native language, these books and methods will be even easier for them to use. Our books provide a way for students to succeed with practice and easy vocabulary to build upon.

Though our materials are geared towards readers up to the third grade, it is important to note that these are perfect for bilingual students who are learning to read English at any level.