Why the SuperBooks Program Is Useful For Home Schoolers

If you homeschool your kids, you want the best chance for them to excel in all areas of academic achievement. One thing that is essential in learning any subject is the ability to read. Teaching kids phonics is one surefire way to get them on the path to success for reading.

Our original “little books” program is the perfect place to start for any child who is homeschooled. It provides a complete curriculum and is phonics based. The Story Packs contain the same books as those we send to schools that order our program. There are a total of 80 colorful, fun, and appropriately leveled books in 2 sets. You’ll receive:

If you are using the Super Books kits for homeschooling, you have all of the tools and guidelines available to teachers in conventional classrooms right at your fingertips. Each Super Book comes with three lesson plans including:

  • Independent reading
  • Comprehension
  • Guided reading and skills development

The homeschool bundle has everything that you’ll need to teach students phonics on either an individual or small group basis. Super books are aimed to help kids read whether they are attending a traditional school or are being homeschooled, it’s nice to know that these educational benefits are widely available to students everywhere.